Sales Resilience | How to bounce back from setbacks and rejections

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How to grow your client base, increase your sales,
and bounce back from the rejections and setbacks,

in tough and competitive markets 


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          THE RESULTS            


“As a result of the Michael's program we have identified and acknowledged that increasing the weekly activities in particular, property inspections and open houses, we have created an increase in our sales activity and subsequently higher commissions.  This has been very evident with our lower income producers who we have worked extensively with Michael's training model and it has been successful.”

Drew Cahill, Director
Dungey, Carter Ketterer Real Estate

"Michael Licenblat’s program has helped to increase the business results of our Victoria team on several fronts.  His coaching process and matrix methodology has helped our State manager and BDMs to increase their client base, secure market share, and surpass their 90-day targets.  Michael’s focus on measuring and implementing dollar productive activity has resulted in many thousands of dollars of extra business for our organisation."

Clive Kirkpatrick

General Manager Mortgage Broking
St George Banking Group

“I highly recommend the sales accelerator program as an effective tool for managers to drive team performance. The tools are very user friendly and the program itself has become a real part of our operational culture.”
Peter Lane,

National Operations Manager

Chemmart® Pharmacy – Vic Office


             THE PROGRAM                 


In the Sales accelerator program, you will learn how to:

Set client acquisition targets & create some 'fire in the belly'
Identify several lead generation avenues
Manage your distractions to stay on track
Arrange your time to be stay dollar productive every day
Sustain your motivation and accountability - even when you don't feel like it
Build a step-by-step 30 day lead generation activity plan
Get past the perfectionism, excuses, and justifications that stop your
    lead generation
Overcome call apprehension, avoidance, fear and reluctance and start initiating more
    contact with clients and new prospects
Build natural optimism and confidence to override any self doubt and negativity
Stop personalizing failure and rejection, and 'over emotionalising' a bad outcome
Fail forward and keep your lead generation active after set backs and challenges
Apply the psychology of resilience and mental toughness
Make lead generation/selling feel comfortable, natural, effortless, and
    aligned with your values - and not feel like you are selling your soul
Use questioning to uncover your buyer's needs so that the prospect sells
    themselves to you
Acquire new clients by focusing on value and outcome, rather than price
Create a mouth watering value proposition that captures your prospects
Establish your unique selling proposition so that you stand out from the crowd
Handle sales objections comfortably, and create new business even when the client
    says 'no'
Nurture client relationships beyond the first contact/meeting
Stay top of mind, and positioned as the 'go to' person, with your
    prospects and clients
Create an automated sales funnel to convert prospects into clients
Use email marketing to build a brand and create new business opportunities
Make yourself easily referable to new prospects using viral marketing collaterals
Open up to new markets using client experience strategies
  I. Online Resource Centre: 
Using your username and password, you can login 24/7 and access any of the video tutorials on the online resource centre website.  There are over 20 video tutorials and a downloadable (and printable) work booklet.  There is also a suggested course outline for you to follow. (value $995.00)

II. 90-Day Implementation Course: 
To help you put the video tutorials into action, each week you receive an email with a video tutorials to watch.  This allows you to consistently implement new ideas every week, and create habits of sales activity in your day-to-day operations.  The 90-Day Implementation Course keeps you on track and ensures that you take the right sequential steps to apply the techniques.   (value $495.00)

III. Expert Adviser Interviews
You receive full access to interviews from business Expert Advisers with tips, ideas, and techniques in areas of marketing, branding, networking, referrals, selling, relationship building, reputation management, mindset, motivation, and other topics. 
(value $495.00)   
These include:

Robyn Henderson 'The Power of Networking'
Robyn is an international business educator, networking consultant, author, and publisher. She has authored more than 25 books, has spoken in 12 countries, and has never advertised.

Gene Stark 'Small Business Marketing Tips'
Gene has completed over 100 SME marketing projects in the last 8 years and has provided advice to hundreds of business owners whilst writing
and publicly speaking on the marketing challenges facing the driving
        force of the Australian economy – small business.

Elliot Epstein 'Selling to key decision makers and stakeholders'
Elliot is a sales specialist who has spoken at over 900 conferences for leading companies such as HP, Alcatel – Lucent, Commonwealth Bank, Hitachi, Computershare and SEEK. Elliot’s presentations are engaging, interactive and relevant to winning business in competitive markets.

Hannah Samuel 'Building Your Reputation through Relationships'
Hannah is Reputation Branding expert. She works with businesses and individuals that want to be, or remain, the best in their field, and helps them do what they say they’ll do and be what they say they are.

Hugh Gyton 'Selling is just a conversation'
Hugh is a Certified Speaking Professional and sales trainer who lives by the ethos that “people buy people first”. Hugh teaches the benefits of positive body language, personal presentation and mindful conversation.

Jenny Cartwright 'Powerful Telemarketing Strategies'
Jenny is regarded as Australia’s leading Telesales Trainer. She is author of the bestselling book "Don't Get Hung Up! (How to sell products and services by phone)", the E-books "Top Telesales Techniques That Work!"

Paul McCarthy 'Surefire Marketing Strategies for Small Business'
A former professional musician, and award winning speaker, Paul is one of Australia’s most innovative and respected small business marketing specialists.  Paul’s marketing strategies have helped thousands of small
        business owners and sales professionals to sky rocket their income.

Brad Tonini 'Selling as a Trusted Adviser and Industry Expert'
Brad is an authority on Sales.  Brad works with Business Owners to get the focus right on being a Sales Driven Organisation, Sales Managers on showing them how to lead a SWAT team going to market and Sales
        People on getting the Selling Edge

Martin Bailey 'Word of Mouth Marketing Made Easy'
Martin has trained over a thousand business owners and senior decision makers in referral marketing, word of mouth and strategic networking which resulted in over $270 million in new business revenue.

Helen Mac 'Optimism for Business Resilience '
Helen is Australia’s Corporate Optimist.  With a Bachelor of Psychology and decades of business experience, Helen has shown thousands of people how to improve the business and life results using practical optimism.

Tim Reid 'Podcast Marketing'
Tim Reid is the founder and host of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast - The Small Business Big Marketing Show. Tim has built a global audience of motivated business owners whilst successfully running his own small business.

Yvonne Adele 'Social Media Done Right for Business'
A Microsoft graduate, Yvonne created the Ms Megabyte brand/persona in the mid 90′s. This led to a national media profile and best-selling book.  Yvonne assisted thousands of Australian’s to embrace their technology and travelled the country and overseas as IT Reporter for the Today Show.

John Dean ('JD') 'Selling Strategies for Business Professionals'
JD has over 20 years experience in sales operations, consulting, and marketing management. He is a sales coach in a number of methodologies and his passion is helping companies improve the way they go to market.

IV. Coaching webinars
With the Sales Accelerator Program, you are never on your own.  Every month, Michael Licenblat will hold a live and interactive group coaching webinar.  This is your opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching on any aspect on the program - whether it be to clarify a principle, review your action plan, brainstorm an idea, get past any barriers or challenges, or reignite some motivation.  
(value $995.00)

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Michael Licenblat, Resilience Expert
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Founder, Sales Accelerator program

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