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How to grow your client base, increase your sales, and bounce back from the rejections and setbacks, in tough and competitive markets 




One of the biggest challenges to businesses today is consistently bringing in enough clients to meet their cash flow targets.

As many business owners and industry professionals are technically orientated, making client calls, actively networking, initiating sales conversations, or asking for referrals may be an uncomfortable, or unfamiliar, process for them.

As a result, a lot of business opportunities and sales are ‘left on the table’ due to an inherent sales reluctance or sales inexperience.

The Sales Accelerator Program teaches people in business how to increase their business leads and sales revenue, from both a new and existing client base, by becoming comfortable with selling, and overcoming their sales reluctance – especially when operating in tough or competitive markets.

The Sales Accelerator Program combines an online web-based resource centre containing self-guided video tutorials, which uses a ‘step-by-step’ implementation program, to help you increase your sales activity and client acquisition. 

The program focuses on the implementation of action, rather than the accumulation of knowledge, so that you can start to see the results of your efforts before the program is fully completed.

In the Sales Accelerator Program, you will learn how to:

  Build a step-by-step lead generation plan to find new clients
  Set up your sales/revenue targets by creating 30, 60 and 90-day measurable goals
  Spark some 'fire in the belly' and drive to get sales active
  Make lead generation/selling a comfortable and stressless experience
  Quickly overcome sales reluctance and the fear of rejection
  Bounce back faster from sales setbacks and hurdles
  Get past the perfectionism, excuses, and cop-outs that hinder your lead generation success

  Build natural optimism and confidence in your selling ability
  Manage your time and distractions to stay dollar productive every day
  Improve your conversion ratio from prospect to client
  Make yourself easily referable to new prospects
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Feedback From The Program:
“We chose to work with Michael because a lot of our Franchisees are self employed business people and it can be tough running a business on your own, whilst looking for new clients, and we wanted to help our people become more resilient, stay positive, and proactive in their prospecting.  Michael's program not only inspired our group to stretch their comfort zones, but also showed us how to do it in in their sales and business activity.”
Joe Sirianni, Director
Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisors, 

“As a result of the Michael's program we have identified and acknowledged that increasing the weekly activities in particular, property inspections and open houses, we have created an increase in our sales activity and subsequently higher commissions.  This has been very evident with our lower income producers who we have worked extensively with Michael's training model and it has been successful.”

Drew Cahill, Director
Dungey, Carter Ketterer Real Estate

"Michael Licenblat’s program has helped to increase the business results of our Victoria team on several fronts.  His coaching process and matrix methodology has helped our State manager and BDMs to increase their client base, secure market share, and surpass their 90-day targets.  Michael’s focus on measuring and implementing dollar productive activity has resulted in many thousands of dollars of extra business for our organisation."

Clive Kirkpatrick

General Manager Mortgage Broking
St George Banking Group

“I highly recommend the sales accelerator program as an effective tool for managers to drive team performance. The tools are very user friendly and the program itself has become a real part of our operational culture.”
Peter Lane,

National Operations Manager

Chemmart® Pharmacy – Vic Office

How the Sales Accelerator Program works:

  Video Tutorials
All the content of the course has been chunked down into a series of bite-sized (5-15 minutes) video tutorials that are stored in an online resource centre.  You can login and watch any of the video tutorials at a time and place that suits you.  You have access to the online resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Each video tutorial will teach you a principle and then provide instructions/tips on how to apply it right away.  There is also a downloadable work booklet that you can print out and document your actions in.  Here is the program syllabus:
 Tutorial #1: Set your targets and know your numbers
 Tutorial #2: Create your 30-day lead generation action plan
 Tutorial #3: Manage your distractions and be dollar productive
 Tutorial #4: Stick ability - staying motivated & sales active
 Tutorial #5: Building rapport and connection
 Tutorial #6: Using inquiry questions to uncover buying needs
 Tutorial #7: Creating a mouth watering value proposition
 Tutorial #8: Handling sales objections and push back
 Tutorial #9: Closing the deal to finalize the sale
 Tutorial #10: Breaking the paralysis of perfectionism
 Tutorial #11: Selling is not a dirty word
 Tutorial #12: Drawing out your confidence
 Tutorial #13: Building a positive mindset
 Tutorial #14: Removing the excuses
 Tutorial #15: Not personalizing rejection and setbacks
 Tutorial #16: Establishing trust collaterals and value add touch points
 Tutorial #17: Creating memorable client experiences

Implementation Program
Whilst you do have the freedom to access any video tutorial at any stage, if you prefer a more structured approach, you can utilize the implementation program.  The implementation program uses an email prompt system to help you consistently watch and apply the video tutorials.  Once you activate the implementation program, every 7 days you will receive a selected video tutorial (via email) to watch and implement.  The punctuated distribution of the video tutorials allows you to slowly digest the material and consistently implement new ideas every week.  This creates new habits and patterns of sales activity that will remain consistent in your day-to-day operations.

Twelve Months of Access
You have access to all the resources for an entire 12 months.  So, in the event that you need to take a break from the program because of a busy period at work, some new projects to focus on, or even a holiday, you can come back and watch the video tutorials at any stage during the 12 months.  Also, by returning to re-watch the video tutorials a few months later allows you to review the strategies that you have already put in place, make further refinements or tweaks, and may highlight a new idea that you overlooked initially - all of which will assist you to be more effective in your sales/lead generation activity and results. 

30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
I want you to know that you have full confidence to start the program knowing that it is not for you, or the content was not quite what you were looking for, just notify us within 30 days and you will receive a full refund.  We have full confidence that the program will be a valuable asset to your sales results and we want to remove any risk from you doing the program and implementing the strategies for yourself.

Total investment: $99.00 AUD (per person) for 12 months

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  I look forward to working with you.

Michael Licenblat, Resilience Expert
CEO, Bounce Back Fast
Founder, Sales Accelerator program

PS: If you would like to speak to me directly to talk about the program, or clarify any details, you can reach me at:


Tel: 61 3 9579 7098   Postal: PO Box 342, South Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3162  

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