One to One Coaching
  There are two coaching programs that Michael runs:

Program A: Pressure Proofing
This coaching program focuses on enhancing your productivity when working under pressure to stay dollar productive, self motivated, and consistently produce high quality results - without burnout.

Program B: Sales Resilience
This program helps technically oriented people to increase their sales confidence and overcome their fear of rejection to grow their client base in competitive markets.

The details of both are listed below:

A. Pressure Proofing Coaching Program

The Resilience Coaching program teaches you how to perform better under pressure, inspire your team to accelerate productivity under pressure, and accomplish what you want from life.  

The program helps you develop strategies, skills and techniques to bounce back fast from setbacks and challenges to remain focused, emotionally in control, and productive when working under pressure.  

The program coaches you on how to ascend up through the performance levels (see below).

The Resilience Coaching Program is not a psycho-analysis of your life, nor is it an in depth discussion about processing your past.  The Resilience Coaching Program is about understanding your pressure pattern and creating practical strategies that support you to get past the barriers, challenges, habits or excuses that stop you from achieving, or enjoying, what you want from business and life.  We also quickly get to the reasons why you are resisting taking action and help you to get over them.

The program is designed to be direct, results focused and experienced based. 
We talk straight, get to the heart of the issue(s) quickly, and provide specific strategies to help you see results in your situation…not just talk about them.

The coaching program is not designed to be a ‘cure/fix all’ that remedies for the stress in a person’s life.  Rather, the coaching serves as a catalyst to move people into more productive and constructive working and lifestyle habits. 

What is the Structure of the Program?
This is a 3 month intensive coaching program.

You receive a focused coaching session (approximately 1 hour each) each month.  Where possible, these sessions are conducted face-to-face, depending on your location.  Otherwise they are run via Skype.

Between the focused sessions, you also receive a review coaching session (approximately 15 minutes) each month.  These sessions are conducted over the phone and they review the actions that you have committed to carrying out.

For the duration of the program, you receive full access to the online resource centre that contains video tutorials and action sheets of all the techniques and principles.

You receive priority email support should you require.  I am usually able to reply to emails within 48 hours.

You also have a weekly ‘Scorecard’ to fill in.  The Scorecard contains your self-assigned action steps that you commit to completing within 7 days. 

Client Testimonials
"I completed the coaching program with Michael and believe it was invaluable.  I felt that Michael took the time and interest to find out exactly how I work, live and think.  He then set about, to help me regain my motivation and interest in my business and family life.  I feel that Michael has assisted me to refocus in the areas that are most important and in many ways has also provided me with the tools to move forward and not slip back into my old ways.  I would definitely recommend Michael to anyone who wishes to move forward and focus on their goals."
Steve Christensen, Managing Director
SCI Australia Pty Ltd

"Michael, I cannot sing your praises highly enough. You must get job satisfaction in ways other than monetary.  No money in the world could repay what you did for me.  I am sure you have done the same for so many others. If ever anyone needs to speak to a previous customer please feel free to use me.  You have such a lovely manner too."
Leah Jacobs - Interior Decorations & Renovation

"The most effective tool for me to use when managing our busy practice was 'SINK or SWIM'. 
This strategy enabled me to keep working productively when under a lot of pressure. I was able to overcome the draining effect of negative people and not lose my confidence when staff were critical or difficult. I realised that I must not base my self confidence on what other people think, but rather on my achievements and an honest assessment of whether I was doing my best. In management, a lot comes with the turf and I have been able to toughen up and deal with pressure from all directions a lot better. The 'SINK or SWIM' strategy helps you to organise your thoughts and use logic rather than emotion to get through difficult situations."
Kathy, Manager - Western Australia

"Working with Michael one on one, has been a life changing experience for me.  He helped me understand why I was so frustrated with the pressures of running my own business, a family, keeping up with friends and just managing my busy life in general.  He assisted me to focus on the things I love and truly 'want' to do and put a plan in place to achieve my goals.  I learnt to make decisions and not worry about how others may feel about it.  I learnt that it's ok to say 'No' and that I am not personally responsible for other people's happiness which I found very liberating. Michael has a wonderful kind manner, he truly understands people and his advice is spot on.  I would highly recommend Michael to anyone needing to refocus their lives on the things that matter most, to become more resilient to the pressures and stress of modern living and to learn to say "No'.  It feels great !"
Leonie, Business Owner

"I approached Michael for personal, motivational, coaching.  In our sessions, Michael would explain, outline and eludicate methods and techniques to gain optimal performance in life.  Over the program, I noticed sizable improvement in my business, personal and spiritual life.  I found myself more motivated, passionate and enthusiastic; more equaimous in my approach to problems and more articulated with my way of setting goals and targets.  I have no hesitation in recommending Michael Licenblat to anyone.  Michael is extremely professional in his approach, highly personable and, in my experience, truly effective.
Dean Sholl
Director, Goldey Pty Ltd
T/as 'The Pound'  (Melbourne, Australia)

B. Sales Resilience Coaching Program

Success in any business weighs heavily on the team's ability and willingness to engage new (and existing) clients into buying their services/products.  In an increasingly competitive market, businesses will need to be proactive in both acquiring new clients as well as contacting their existing clients to solidify their relationships in order to keep your current business in-house.

Unfortunately many industry and sales professionals are reluctant to contact their clients, or generate new clientele, because of a fear of rejection, the apprehension of a refusal, or not wishing to appear pushy, needy, or ‘sales-like’.   This can result in missed business opportunities, missing crucial targets & KPIs, clients feeling unsupported, reduced client trust, a negative customer association (or lack of confidence) with your business, or can lead team members to doubt their own abilities.

Also, if the team have ineffective prospecting systems or sales processes in place, then their conversion ratio potential, from prospect to client, will be limited.  This can result in a large amount of energy and funds spent trying to generate new business, with very little, if any, outcome. Not only is that scenario demoralising for the individuals, but it also hurts your cash flow and negatively impacts business confidence.
The Sales Resilience Matrix Coaching Program teaches you how progress, step by step, up through the Sales Resilience Matrix (see so that you can measurably increase your sales results by improving the volume and/or conversion of your sales process.

The transitional steps between each stage in the Sales Resilience Matrix (Accountability, Persistence, Engagement, and Relationship) each contain a series of practical steps (both attitudinal and systematic) of what exactly what you need to do in order to improve your volume (number of clients you are contacting per week) and your conversion (ration of prospects becoming clients).

These tools help people become more effective in their client acquisition and conversations, allow them to experience less stress in initiating new business, and build more trust and connection with their clients.   Ultimately this means more sales and profit for the business and better service to the clients.

How Does The Program Work? 
This is a 3 month program and you get coached directly by me.  As your coach, my role is to facilitate, question, direct and keep you accountable, to taking action.  The program is specifically designed for people who want to make a positive change in their sales results.

This coaching program is intense, direct, and designed to push you to achieve great results.  So, from time to time, you may find yourself operating outside of your comfort zone.

We have some focused sessions together (approximately 1 hour each) that are conducted over the phone.  These sessions are run one a month.  I do run some face to face sessions out of Melbourne or in major cities around Australia whenever I am traveling there.

We also have some review sessions (approximately 20 minutes) that are solely conducted over the phone which are designed to help keep you on track and review your action plan.  These are run between the focused sessions.

For the duration of the program, you receive full access to the online resource centre that contains videos and action sheets of all the techniques for each of the 4 transitions – so you can review the content at any time.  It also contains a Sales Resilience Matrix Calculator so you can input your figures for conversion, volume, and average dollar sale and it will produce a personalized calculation for each of the 9 stages within the Matrix.

You receive priority email support and extra phone support should you require.
I am usually able to reply to emails within 48 hours.

You also have a weekly ‘Scorecard’ to fill in.  The Scorecard contains 3, self assigned, action steps that you commit to completing within 7 days.  Each week you will be required to fill in your three actions and email them to me in a spread sheet.   

In our first session we set clearly defined goals/targets and outline the best pathway for you to achieve it.  We map out your position on the Matrix and spell out the necessary steps to progress up.  We then construct a 90, 60 and 30-day action plan.  Each 30-day block will be broken down into four 7-day chunks. 

We set up the dates and times for all the following sessions, so that you know they key benchmarks.

Client Testimonials
“We chose to work with Michael because a lot of our Franchisees are self employed business people and it can be tough running a business on your own, whilst looking for new clients, and we wanted to help our people become more resilient, stay positive, and proactive in their prospecting.   Michael not only inspired our group to stretch their comfort zones, but also showed us how to do it in in their sales and business activity.  Michael has worked across our organisation from our annual conference, to state manager mentoring, and Franchisee training.”
Joe Sirianni, Director
Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisors,   

“As a result of the Matrix Training we have identified and acknowledged that increasing the weekly activities in particular, property inspections and open houses, we have created an increase in our sales activity and subsequently higher commissions.  This has been very evident with our lower income producers who we have worked extensively with the Matrix training model and it has been successful.”
Drew Cahill, 
Dungey, Carter Ketterer Real Estate

“I highly recommend the sales resilience matrix as a tool for managers to break down conflict barriers and as an effective tool to driver team performance. The tools are very user friendly and the program itself has become a real part of our operational culture. Michael is an outstanding presenter and I would highly recommend his services for your next sales conference.”
Peter Lane,
National Operations Manager
Chemmart® Pharmacy – Vic Office



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