Book 'Pressure Proof - How to thrive in times of disruption, change and pressure' 
In ‘Pressure Proof’, Michael explains how to build your natural resilience to turn tension and pressure into energy and enthusiasm.  In this book, you will learn how to:
* Bounce back from setbacks and challenges by developing grit and mental toughness

* Develop the focus of a ninja, and the calm of a Buddhist monk, when working amidst chaos and tension
* Accelerate productivity by flowing with change and becoming a contingency expert. 
* Prevent burnout by sustaining wellbeing and balance in life

Investment: $24.95 + $5.00 postage



We have created an online store house containing a series of articles on building your resilience to setbacks and rejections.  Topics include; enhancing personal motivation, energy management, resilient mental attitude, communication, life balance, and more.

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  SELF STUDY: Maximise your Impact

This program consists of:

A. 6-Part audio CD Learning Series                                        
'How to handle difficult, demanding and negative people - without becoming drained’

In this 6-Pack CD learning pack, you will learn how to:
  *  Deal with hot headed people without becoming upset, worked up or drained
  *  Resolve and diffuse conflicts, complaints and misunderstandings more
  *  Control feelings of anxiousness, anger, frustration during any conversation or conflict.
  *  Reduce other people's emotional intensity without telling them to 'calm down'.
  *  ’Read' people's Pressure Patterns and know how to resolve conflict, tension or negativity.
  *  Recognise the 4 components that make up your emotional resilience
  *  Deal with disgruntled, hot headed or 'energy zapping' people without becoming uptight or drained
  *  Get your message across when people are uptight or frustrated - without yelling or feeling tense.

B. 8-week online course
This course assist you to implement each strategy and technique week by week.  Each weekly email summarizes one of the principles and provides suggested action steps for the following 7 days.
Total Investment: $249.00
+ $10.00 postage (AUD)



This online course teaches you how to become more productive under pressure, and resilient to tension, without burning yourself out.  You will learn how to:
 * Turn negative tension into energy and enthusiasm
 * Remain calm and focused when dealing with overload
 * Maintain your drive and motivation when facing setbacks
 * Become solution focused and more time effective
 * Sustain your energy and prevent burnout

The program consists of two parts:

a. Video Tutorials
Each strategy and technique has been chunked down into a series of bite-sized video tutorials.  These tutorials are stored in an online resource centre which you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This is allows you to watch and review each strategy as many times as you need so that you can implement them with confidence and ease.  This on-demand program allows you to self direct your learning and watch the video tutorials that are immediately relevant to you right now for your situation.  Each video tutorial is concise and focused on actionable steps you can take.  You receive access to all the video tutorials for an entire year.

Here is a segment taken from one of the video tutorials:

b. Implementation Program
This 6-week program assist you to implement the strategies and technique by sending you a weekly email that prompts you to watch specific video tutorials.  The weekly email summarizes one of the principles and directs you to watch a select number of video tutorials to apply over the following 7 days.
Total Investment: $249.00 (AUD)




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