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Professional Speaking

When you are planning your next conference or professional training day, you want make sure the program both inspires and educates your team.  Michael's bounce back presentations have a fresh message that is high energy, is hands on and practical.

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  Leadership Programs & Training Courses

Our tailored inhouse programs are specifically designed to enhance the leadership and team performance by addressing the most pressing pressure issues you are facing right now.  The programs are coupled with training resources, online implementation programs, and personalized action plans to embed and implement the techniques.

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  One to One Coaching

The Resilience Coaching programs are for business leaders and sales professionals who want to improve the quality of their results,  increase motivation levels, and accelerate dollar productive activity.  Resilience coaching focuses on enhancing your strengths and revealing your blockages to success.

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  Online Learning

For technically oriented people who wish to become more confident and comfortable with selling and prospecting, the Sales Accelerator Program teaches you how to get past call apprehension, and the fear of rejection, to grow your client base in competitive markets.

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