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  Michael's presentations range from 30 - 90 minutes.  They can serve as a conference keynote, breakout session, or professional development program.

Each presentation is specifically designed to engage your team, challenge their thinking, and provide practical tips on how to perform better under pressure, and get over setbacks faster. 

Before each presentation, we talk through your aims and objectives of the program, and then carefully select the right material to meets those needs.

A. Becoming Pressure Proof - Accelerating Productivity Under Pressure
In your current business climate, you will be under great stress to deliver more in less time with fewer resources.  There will always be days of setbacks and ongoing problems, changes you can’t control, and workloads that never seem to end.  You will be required give more of yourself, take on greater responsibility, and, at times, find yourself right out of your comfort zone.   Will you be resilient enough?

The reality is that your business future will be filled with pressures and changes that will both challenge you and open up new levels of possibility.   A major key to your success is being able to flow with change, adapt to pressure, and stay engaged and motivated – without burning yourself out.  This is greatly determined by how well you can build your personal resilience and bounce back from the setbacks, pressures and stresses that may otherwise slow you down or wear you out. 

In this presentation, Michael will walk you through the 6 stages of personal resilience so that you can be more adaptable and positive and perform become ‘better under pressure’.

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:
•    Better manage their ‘pressure triggers’ before they affect them
•    Lift personal productivity when dealing with multiple pressures
•    Remain motivated under pressure with a resilient mental attitude
•    Stay competitive and adapt to change and disruption– without burning out

B. Building Rainmakers - Grow Your Client Base in Competitive Markets
In times where competition is growing and clients are more discerning, businesses will have to work harder and smarter to secure their market share and business revenue.  As setbacks and rejections are a part of your day to day operations, having the daily motivation to initiate new business, follow up with clients, mine your database for leads, and make the new calls can mean the difference between your success and failure. 

In this presentation, resilience expert, Michael Licenblat will demystify how to keep your team bouncing back to stay proactive in their lead generation and follow ups, and remain motivated in the face of high rejections, and setbacks.   This is not simply a 'hype up' session, but rather a practical look at the resilience principles that drive technically oriented people to get past their call reluctance or sales aversion and stay proactive and enthusiastic in their lead generation and achieve their revenue targets – even when they don't feel like it. 

In this presentation, you will learn how to:
•    Overcome the reluctance that prevents you from contacting clients and initiating new leads.
•    Keep your ‘drive alive’ and not take setbacks and rejections personally
•    Get past the 4 motivational killers that stop you from growing your client base

C. Maximizing your influence with difficult, demanding or negative people - without becoming drained

Creating high performance teams, managing people, delivering excellent service, and building client rapport is greatly influenced by your ability to influence and communicate with emotionally charged people, without taking them personally or becoming worked up.
Being able to look beyond their behaviour and read their 'Pressure Pattern' allows you to be more influential and effective when working with situations of confrontation, conflict, complaint, or with challenging, non-compliant behavior or negative people.   In this presentation, Michael will explain how to read, respond, and relate to emotionally charged, negative, or intimidating people - whilst staying calm, focused, and in control.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:
*   Be more influential with challenging, non-compliant or negative people
*   Stay cool and calm and dramatically reduce your feelings of anxiousness, anger and frustration 
    during a confrontation, conflict or clash. 
*   Not take people’s comments personally and be able to work and communicate well with any type of
    person by reading their ‘Pressure Patterns’.

Presentation Requirements
As each presentation will differ, depending on the audience size, content and outcome, the requirements will also vary.  Please contact us to discuss the equipment required for your program.

Client Testimonials
"The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly favourable - and employees said it was the single best team event they have had in the past several years. The impact on morale has been very noticeable, and the team is using the language, tools and attitude Michael shared with us. I highly recommend Michael forconsideration to any work group - his approach is practical and engaging."
Debbie Furness,Manager, Human Services
Asia Pacific Division,Caterpillar of Australia  

"The energy was fantastic, and the supporting materials great so that all is not forgotten once the conference finished! Your presentation provided attendees with relevant and useful information, and practical ways to manage the pressures experienced in the workplace and at home. I look forward to working with you in the future."
Anna Hart
National Human Resource Manager

"Michael presented at the end of our two day conference, at a time when energy levels are quite low.  Michael was incredibly engaging, the energy and enthusiasm from the participants was palpable.  His common sense approach resonated with the team, reminding them to get back to basics and giving them simple but effective tools to take into the field"
Steph Kay, Communications Manager
St. George Banking Group

"We usually only have speakers from within the real estate industry speak at our events, however the choice to bring in Michael Licenblat, an external speaker, has proven to be an excellent choice.  Michael quickly engaged our group and showed that he understood our industry.  Michael's resilience presentation was both entertaining and hands on, giving our property management teams some practical communication tips, and self management tools, that will add great value to their relationships with their clients.  I look forward to working with Michael again."
Nick Dowling,
CEO, The Jellis Craig Group

"Thank you for a great presentation that you delivered to the retail sales team of Scotts Australia.Your high energy and interactive style engaged the team right from the beginning and kept them interested and involved all the way through.  Everyone in the conference took away new ideas and skills to enhance their resilience and working stamina that will, no doubt, help them reach their sales targets.Michael, I thought your program was 'spot on' for our team and look forward to working with you again in the future."
Stuart Smith, National Sales Manager
Scotts Australia

"I was exceptionally happy that we got Michael to speak to the REIV members.He was very entertaining and gave some sound messages to our group."
Sarah Gray
Professional Services Manager
The Real Estate Institute of Victoria Ltd

"Michael, I want to thank you for a great presentation on 'how to become resilient to pressure in work and life' at our Critical Point Network professional briefing seminar.  As we discussed, the Legal and accounting firms we network with are constantly working to time and performance deadlines.  Your presentation helped to show us how we can turn stress into energy and enthusiasm to benefit not only our business, but also our quality of life.  Your use of humour, personal anecdotes and audience interaction both entertained the members and gave them practical strategies to enhance their personal performance when working under pressure.  Thank you for taking the time to customize the program and getting to know our industry.  Your presentation definitely contributed to the overall success of the conference."
G M Rambaldi, Partner - Pitcher Partners  

"I want to thank you for presenting at our Staff Kick-Off Meeting in both Sydney and Melbourne.  I received some really great and positive feedback from employees from both meetings.  I also received several "thank yous'  from the Company for putting on such a presentation which was geared to giving them skills to help them not only in their work life but also their personal life.  The sessions were excellent, they were fast paced, you presented them with great enthusiasm and they were entertaining yet everyone took away some information and practical tips.  I thank you once again for two excellent, informative presentations and would highly recommend you to any company thinking of using you in the future."
Victoria Attoe, Human Resource & Administration Manager

"Our Employment Services Development Manager said, "This is the most exciting and action packed workshop I have ever attended."  Thanks Michael for your "How to deal with Negative and Difficult people without becoming drained" program.  Your knowledge and experience, together with your professional approach ensured the principles you shared were relevant to and easily adoptable by all participants. Your unique, energetic methods for content delivery were extremely effective and ensured all participants were "switched on" and "energised" for the entire session.  Participants really got heaps out of what you presented!  You have provided a toolbox to ensure participants can detach themselves from work issues and start not only each day, but each new appointment with a clear mind.  On a personal note, thank you for ensuring our dealings were trouble free, from the initial contact, to when you visited to deliver the training.  You did a fantastic job of customising your course to suit our needs. Your follow-up emails continue to be a hit with participants as well.  They have proven invaluable in assisting staff adopt and reminding participants about the principles and how to continue adopting the principles you shared, long after the training has been completed. Every staff member that attended the training has indicated that they took something positive away from it.  Well done and thank you."
Nathan Jilbert, Manager Human Resources - MADEC 



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