Leadership Programs & Training Courses

  Michael's leadership programs and training courses range from a half day session to 3-6 month programs that include a blend of group training, one-on-one mentoring, and self paced online learning.

Each program and course is specifically designed to help your leaders bring the best out of their team and provide each individual with a specific toolkit to perform better under pressure, stay personally productive, and remain self motivated and inspired - without burning themselves out. 

Michael is meticulous about tailoring the program to address the immediate needs of each organisation and group.  There is specific pre-program discussion around the customisation, measurement, and post program implementation of the program strategies.

A. Building Pressure Proof Leaders - Achieve More by Working Smart

The step up into leadership comes with a range of new pressures that require a different skill set than just high technical competence. 

Leaders are getting smashed with work - they are working longer hours, taking on greater responsibilities, and getting more involved in every problem, question and issue around them just to try and keep up with the workload and expectations.  Unfortunately, this approach results in leaders getting overloaded, worn out, and not achieving their short-term goals or strategic outcomes.

When leaders over help or micro-motivate others, it trains their team to become dependent on them for support and solutions, and not take initiatives or ownership for their deliverables.  Again, this results in leaders investing more time and energy into activities that should be managed by other people. 

A good work ethic and the willingness to help are important traits for a leader to achieve their goals - but it isn’t enough.  High performance leaders need to value their time, streamline their output, become highly efficient problem solvers, and be able to lead through their team in order to meet all their expectations. 

Equally, when managers don’t allow their team to support them, they end up doing unnecessary work that is not dollar productive.  This results in managers having less time on building client relationships and investing more time and energy into activities that should be managed by other people. 

In this program, leaders will be taught how to maximize their own productivity habits, get more done, and empower their team to be self motivated, time effective, and take ownership for their deliverables.    

By the end of this program, leaders will be able to:
•    Set up their ‘task-time ratio’ to achieve their goals and strategic outcomes
•    Prioritise high priority tasks, activities and conversations and streamline their execution of tasks
•    Delegate tasks and trust their team to share the ‘task-control ratio’
•    Clearly communicate their expectations of delivery and accountability of projects
•    Coach team members to become self motivated and time effective
•    Train their team to be solution focused decision makers when resolving challenges

B. Building Pressure Proof Teams - Accelerating Productivity Under Pressure

In your current business climate, you will be under great stress to deliver more in less time with fewer resources.  You will be confronted with industry changes, pressured by tighter margins, and overwhelmed by the rising competition.  There will always be days of setbacks and ongoing problems, changes you can’t control, and workloads that never seem to end.  You will be required give more of yourself, take on greater responsibility, and, at times, find yourself right out of your comfort zone.   Will you be pressure proof?

The reality is that your business future will be filled with pressures and changes that will both challenge you and open up new levels of possibility.   A major key to your success is being able to flow with change, adapt to pressure, and stay engaged and motivated – without burning yourself out.  This is greatly determined by how well you can build your personal resilience and bounce back from the setbacks, pressures and stresses that may otherwise slow you down or wear you out. 

In this program, Michael will walk you through the 6 stages of personal resilience so that you can be more adaptable and positive and perform become ‘better under pressure’.

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
•    Better manage their ‘pressure triggers’ and stay personally productive
•    Bounce back fast from setbacks, challenges, overload, and unexpected pressures
•    Remain motivated under pressure with a resilient mental attitude
•    Stay competitive and adapt to change and disruption– without burning out

C. Maximizing your influence with difficult, demanding or negative people - without becoming drained

Creating high performance teams, managing people, delivering excellent service, and building client rapport is greatly influenced by your ability to influence and communicate with emotionally charged people, without taking them personally or becoming worked up.
Being able to look beyond their behaviour and read their 'Pressure Pattern' allows you to be more influential and effective when working with situations of confrontation, conflict, complaint, or with challenging, non-compliant behavior or negative people.   In this presentation, Michael will explain how to read, respond, and relate to emotionally charged, negative, or intimidating people - whilst staying calm, focused, and in control.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:
*   Be more influential with challenging, non-compliant or negative people
*   Stay cool and calm and dramatically reduce your feelings of anxiousness, anger and frustration 
    during a confrontation, conflict or clash. 
*   Not take people’s comments personally and be able to work and communicate well with any type of
    person by reading their ‘Pressure Patterns’.
*   Resolve issues effectively and efficiently with customers and team members
*   Get buy-in on difficult issues with a range of personalities

D. Building Rainmakers - Grow Your Client Base in Competitive Markets
In times where competition is growing and clients are more discerning, businesses will have to work harder and smarter to secure their market share and business revenue.  As setbacks and rejections are a part of your day to day operations, having the daily motivation to initiate new business, follow up with clients, mine your database for leads, and make the new calls can mean the difference between your success and failure. 

In this program, resilience expert, Michael Licenblat will demystify how to keep your team bouncing back to stay proactive in their lead generation and follow ups, and remain motivated in the face of high rejections, and setbacks.   This is not simply a 'hype up' session, but rather a practical look at the resilience principles that drive technically oriented people to get past their call reluctance or sales aversion and stay proactive and enthusiastic in their lead generation and achieve their revenue targets – even when they don't feel like it. 

In this program, you will learn how to:
•    Overcome the reluctance that prevents you from contacting clients and initiating new leads.
•    Keep your ‘drive alive’ and not take setbacks and rejections personally
•    Get past the 4 motivational killers that stop you from growing your client base

Presentation Requirements
As each presentation will differ, depending on the audience size, content and outcome, the requirements will also vary.  Please contact us to discuss the equipment required for your program.

Client Testimonials

"I can't recall a program where I have been approached by so many participants, telling me how much difference it has made to their lives.  Short, sharp and practical.  The follow up e-course was also very helpful."
Gillian Rosenkotter, Senior Human Resources Officer, City of Yarra

"..Feedback from staff that attended your workshop was very positive and enthusiastic.  Many staff had been sceptical of the value of the workshop but were subsequently very positive and enthusiastic in their feedback and support of the initiative and have even encouraged other colleagues to participate in subsequent workshops.  Maunsell are now working closely with Michael to roll out this program to all out Melbourne business units.."
David Collett, Associate Director – Transportation, Maunsell

"BounceBack training was fantastic.  My team really enjoyed the session.  The team are on the phones all day and really have to juggle many tasks.  The training helped the team learn how to take every call as if it was their first of the day."
Kate Hutchinson, Customer Service Team Leader - SEEK Communications

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and excellence in the delivery of the workshops to our consultants.  The feedback from the session has been extremely positive.  You provided a 'toolbox' for our people on both a personal and professional basis so that they are able to tackle each and every appointment with a clear mind."
Gaye Berry, Operational Trainer - Sarina Russo Job Access – Victoria



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