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Cover - BBR.png


How to grow your client base, and increase sales/revenue, in tough & competitive markets

Who is this for?
Business owners, sales managers, financial industry professionals, and sales professionals.

What does it address?
Getting past sales reluctance, sales rejection and sales avoidance to increase your 90 days sales/revenue results. 

Front cover - Pressure Proof People - jp


How to achieve more in high pressure environment.

Who is this for?
Sales managers, sales professionals, team leaders, Human Resources managers, people and culture managers.


What does it address?
Riding the bumps, changes, stresses, challenges and setbacks in business and bouncing back to stay motivated and produce your best quality work - without burning yourself out. 



12 ideas on how to use failure to propel you into success.

Who is this for?
Industry professionals, educators, leaders, business owners, and anyone who breathes.

What does it address?
Quotes, insights and words of wisdom from well known experts around the world designed to give you a motivational lift, burst of energy, or a hit of optimism so that you can get over whatever setback life has thrown at you.

cover - Sales Tough.png


How to bounce back from sales rejections, refusals and setbacks

Who is this for?
Sales managers, sales professionals, small business owners, and real estate agents.

What does it address?
Bouncing back from the sales that fall though, the motivational ups and downs, the self doubt from sales rejections and the energy output from continually chasing sales targets.

Cover - maximise influnce.png


Resolving difficult conversation & emotionally heated issues - without becoming drained

Who is this for?
Customer service professionals, professionals service industry, client managers, team leaders, and property managers.

What does it address?
Dealing with difficult, draining and non-compliant people to achieve positive outcomes, and buy in, without power struggles and emotional stress.

Cover - Leaders.png


How to build engaged, productive and collaborative teams

Who is this for?
Team leaders, business leaders, project managers, division supervisors, and emerging leaders.

What does it address?
Leaders today need to move beyond process efficiency and effective task management and be able to engage, relate, motivate and inspire their team to perform at their best in all conditions and circumstances.

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