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In today’s environment you are going to face more challenges, changes, setbacks, obstacles, pushbacks and failure than ever before.


Your ability to adapt, embrace and overcome these challenges is going to determine how successful you are going to be.  Your resilience intelligence is going to be the difference between whether you thrive and succeed or break and burnout.   Your resilience will be the currency of success and thriving.



As many business owners and industry professionals are technically orientated, making client calls, actively networking, initiating sales conversations, or asking for referrals may be an uncomfortable, or unfamiliar, process for them.


By becoming comfortable and confident with selling/business development, and overcoming their sales reluctance, you are able to increase your business leads and sales revenue, from both a new and existing client base. 



In a time of uncertainty, remote working and continuous change, teams are more prone to feeling isolated and fragmented. 


Leadership today needs to breathe fresh passion, honest communication and inspiring vision in order to unite people, engage focus and get buy-in from their teams to new initiatives.


To arrange a time to discuss eligibility for the program, please make a time in Michael’s online diary at or contact Michael via email here

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