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Michael's presentations can be delivered as a conference keynote, breakout session or a professional development program.


Each presentation is specifically designed to engage your team, challenge their thinking, and provide practical tips on how to perform better under pressure, and get over setbacks faster. 


Before each presentation, we talk through your aims and objectives of the program, and then carefully select the right material to



In response to COVID-19, Michael has been delivering these presentations as virtual seminars and keynotes that are interactive, engaging and practical.  

Becoming Pressure Proof:   

thriving in times of disruption, change and challenge.

Building Business Rainmakers:

growing your client base in tough and competitive markets.

Maximising Your Influence:  handling difficult people without becoming drained.

Building Sales Resilience: bouncing back from rejections and setbacks.

Accelerating Your Productivity:

getting more done in high pressure environments.

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