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These programs are for business and industry professionals who are prepared to put in the work to double the amount of clients in their sales funnel within a 90-day period.


The programs teach people how to increase their business leads and sales revenue, from both a new and existing client base, in tough markets.  The key to success is becoming comfortable and confident with selling/business development and overcoming any sales reluctance or fear of rejection.

Program outcomes:

  • Measurably increase the volume of clients in your business funnel and/or improve the conversion of new and exiting business within 90-days. 

  • More people in the company to participate in business development and client management. 

  • To overcome sales reluctance, get past call avoidance and the deal with the fear of failure. 



Your team will be setting targets for new business and prospect approaches, creating and then testing their value propositions, building a marketing funnel, and making actual client calls with the objective to secure meetings/expressions of interest before the end of the day. 


The seminar is not a ‘sit and learn’ environment but an interactive session that results in each participant compiling an individual action plan for the following 30, 60 and 90 days using a continuous cycle of learning, implementing, and reviewing.



The coaching program is specifically designed for people who want to grow their client base and lift their sales results within 90 days. 


The program is intense, direct and designed to push you to achieve great results. 


From time to time you may find yourself operating outside of your comfort zone as you place yourself in a situation to acheive more.

To discuss eligibility for the program, please make a time to speak with Michael



We have taken the key sales resilience principles and distilled them into easy to implement, bite-sized and on-demand video tutorials. 

Each tutorial is accompanied with workable action steps so that you can use the strategies to your benefit right away. 

There is a 90-day implementation program, which prompts you to take action each week. 


You can access all the tutorials from any device 24/7, so you can learn your way, at your pace, in any location you choose. 

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