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The 100-Man Fight: Building Resilient Endurance

The Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory scale lists the top 5 things that creates stress in one’s life [1]. Dealing with just one of these stressors can be tough, but once we have 3 or more, that’s when our ability to cope can hit capacity.

As we deal with multiple stressors in our lives, our resilience will be tested and we will need to draw on our endurance to help carry us through.

In October 2011, in Osaka Japan, Judd Reid was invited to take on the ultimate martial arts challenge where he fought 100 Kyokushin black belts in a row, for 90 seconds each, without a break. The test is by invitation offered to a select number of high level Kyokushin black belts. It was going to be the toughest challenge he has ever faced. His journey, training and the 100 fights are all documented here:

Judd did exceptionally well, however his body took quite a beating. As the fights progressed his energy reserves were used and he had to give every ounce of effort, motivation and courage he had to get through. [2]

Over the next few weeks and months our resolve, demeanour, patience and optimism will be tested.

We will need to dig into our resilience reserve, and consistently apply resilience strategies in order to remain head strong and optimistic during these uncertain times.

A key to building our resilience endurance is through establishing rituals and routines.

Staying positive, moving our bodies, being solution focused, and keeping our drive alive all require taking consistent action - whether it is a mindset, and activity or following a process.

Rituals remind us to follow that process or use that technique, when we might otherwise be distracted or overwhelmed.

Chris Attwood, co-author of the book "Your Hidden Riches: Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose", claims that rituals are the key to success. He says they allow us to “perform at our best when we need to, stay calm when we’re under intense pressure, and create a sense of balance in our lives”.

Top sports players are well known for pre-match rituals.

Serena Williams always bounces the ball five times on her first serve and twice on her second. She wears the same pair of socks for the duration of a tournament. She has even blamed losing on not following her ritual.

What ritual could you create that can put you into a positive mindset?

Also, establishing a routine of activity is a way for rituals to anchor their place in your day. For example, a ritual we now have is washing our hands regularly. A routine to embed that ritual would be to ensure hands are washed after using the bathroom, before handling food, or as you arrive home from the supermarket.

The routine embeds the ritual.

To create resilience endurance, we need to establish rituals that trigger optimism, calm and perspective. By creating a routine, we embed that ritual into certain parts of our day.

I would love to hear about the rituals and routines you have in place that help fuel your resilience endurance during these times.

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